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Genuine Review of Matamaal: A Delicious Kashmiri Experiment

Four days ago, I decided to introduce my parents to something new and different from their usual daal and paneer routine. After a bit of research, I chose Matamaal, a restaurant specialising in Kashmiri cuisine located in Spectrum Mall, Sector 75, Noida. This was our first time trying Kashmiri food, so we were excited to give it a shot.


The ambience at Matamaal is quite welcoming, making it a perfect spot for a family lunch. The decor was tasteful and created a pleasant atmosphere that added to our dining experience.


Upon arrival, we were greeted warmly by the staff. However, we did experience a slight delay in service, which was a bit disappointing. Despite the slow service, the staff was courteous and helpful in guiding us through the menu, which we found somewhat unfamiliar.


Navigating the menu was a bit challenging, as we were unfamiliar with many dishes. Thankfully, the staff were helpful and recommended we try the thali, which they assured would be sufficient for 2-3 people. In addition to the thali, we decided to try the Paneer Kanti Walith.Matamaal Noida, Kashmiri cuisine, Spectrum Mall restaurants, family-friendly restaurant, authentic Kashmiri food

The thali offered a variety of Kashmiri dishes. While my mother enjoyed it, I found it to be just okay. The portion was adequate for those with a moderate appetite but might not suffice for larger appetites. On the other hand, the Paneer Kanti walith, which resembled a wrap made with Kamiri roti, was a hit with both my father and me. We enjoyed it so much, especially me, that we ordered it again to take home.

The meal concluded with a dessert called Kashmiri Phirni, which was part of the Thali. It was quite good, and it ended our meal on a sweet note. Additionally, we were served a shot of Kashmiri Kahwa at the beginning, which was a nice touch and a pleasant introduction to Kashmiri beverages.


Price-wise, I found the thali to be slightly expensive considering the taste and quantity. However, the overall experience and the opportunity to try authentic Kashmiri cuisine somewhat justified the price.


Overall, Matamaal is a place worth visiting if you are looking to experiment with a different cuisine apart from the usual North or South Indian fare. The ambience is great, the food is interesting, and it’s a good introduction to Kashmiri cuisine. Just be prepared for a potentially slow service and consider that the Thali might be a bit on the pricier side for what it offers.

Would I visit again? Yes, especially for the Paneer Kanti. It’s a nice spot to try something new and enjoy a family meal.

  • Food: 3.5/5
  • Ambience: 4/5
  • Service: 3/5

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